Candidate Attorneys at Farrell Inc. are given excellent exposure to all elements of Employment law, our extensive Pro Bono involvement ensures your experience is career enhancing and experience gained invaluable. The environment is informal however the pace is fast and dynamic. Candidate Attorneys are integrated in legal teams from inception and gain immediate exposure to clients and matters of significance.

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School Students:

For Grade 11 and 12 students, Farrell Incorporated Attorneys offers an opportunity to get hands on exposure to Employment Law. Come and spend a day or two working with one of our Candidate Attorneys, the experience will help you in your career choice.

University Students:

Farrell Incorporated Attorneys has proudly supported emerging Attorneys in KZN. Our dynamic team offers a wealth of knowledge to aspiring practitioners and gives them first-hand experience in South African Employment Law. Our staff offer guidance and encouragement and you will shadow our legal practitioners giving you experience in areas not covered in the lecture room. There is also a strong possibility of a job offer for those who display excellence.

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If you are interested in joining Farrell Inc. as an Articled Clerk please complete the form below and ensure all relevant documents are uploaded. We require graduates to sign for a two-year Candidate Attorney program.

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